The oldest law firm in Lee County

In 1898, Robert N. Johnson founded what is now the oldest law firm in Lee County, Iowa, believed to be one of the oldest law firms in Southeast Iowa. His son Robert N. Johnson, Jr., followed in his footsteps, practicing law for over fifty years. Two generations of the Phelan family practiced in the firm until their deaths or retirement. Thomas E. Tucker was a partner in the firm until he was appointed district court judge. Thomas T. Skewes joined the firm as an associate, following his apprenticeship as a Johnson County prosector, and became a full partner in 1977. Robert N. Johnson’s grandson, Gregory A. Johnson, joined the firm in 1977 and became a partner in 1982. For over a century, these lawyers have faithfully served their client’s legal needs.

Thomas T. Skewes and Gregory A. Johnson continue the tradition of hard work and dedication to the legal profession. Engaged in the general practice, we represent people from all walks of life, and know how to successfully solve nearly every type of legal problem. Our practice includes, but is not limited to:

Wills, Probate, and Estate Administration

Real Estate

Family Law